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AudioLink "hacks": taking advantage of the remote mic feature


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I'm sure lots of you have already figured this out, but I just realized the remote mic function on the AudioLink has some interesting uses. I'm SSD and wear over the ear headphones for many of my virtual meetings. Usually just throw it on over my Sonnet, but it can get uncomfortable after a bit. Today I was fidgeting and ended up resting my AudioLink on top of the earcup of my headphones (see picture)... and it works well! Now I can quickly switch up my "streaming" without messing with computer settings. I'm still not perfect listening CI-only (but getting better!). I can quickly grab my headphones if I need to use my acoustic ear.


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Another thing I want to try is using the AudioLink to figure out where squeaks and rattles are coming from when working on bikes. I'm a capable bike mechanic, but due to my poor directional hearing, I have to always ask other people to find the squeak, click, rattle that needs to be fixed! Now I figure I can use the remote mic like a stethoscope and scan for the sound.

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that’s funny!  Smile


(when you have a moment, I sent you an Apple question in HP mail)

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