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FM speaker system vs Roger pen


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Hello, We are in the process of setting up our first IEP for my daughter with SSD. She will be going into 6th grade. She was implanted with Rondo 3 in December. I was initially discussing the Roger pen device for the classroom with the school district, but then our audiologist suggested requesting the FM speaker system. In middle school she will have multiple classrooms (if things go back to normal in the fall).  Curious what others would recommend as a better option for her. She has about 60 to 70% word recognition from her CI (and a typical hearing acoustic ear on the other side).  

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In my experience, our SSD middle school students preferred not to use assistive listening devices.  Some of them preferred preferential seating in the center of the class (not the front row) so they could hear their classmates easily.

Delivering the teacher’s voice to only the CI side may feel unbalanced.

You have the option to request a 3 or 5 week review after the school year begins to evaluate the need for assistive listening devices in certain classes or other accommodations.

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Thank you for that valuable insight. I will bring your suggestion to her IEP meeting this week.

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