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Sudden hearing loss treatment

Mary Beth

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1 hour ago, Mary Beth said:

Thanks for this, Mary Beth. My doctor has not mentioned hyperbaric oxygen therapy to me, nor have the folks at MEEI or House Clinic. But I will do some more research (there are a few academic articles about HBOT at nih.gov) and I will definitely ask my doctor about it when I see him next week. 

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Hi there, thanks for sharing the article. I one of my friend had experienced a sudden hearing loss and when he visited to a specialist he come to know that he had some problems in his ear and also a infection. He tried many things to get a solution but finally he move towards cochlear implant and according to him this was easy for him to install a cochlear implant to get rid of sudden hearing loss. I think this can also be the best option for sudden hearing loss treatment. 

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