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this popped up as a memory (from 5 years ago) in my FB feed - made me smile (hope you have smiles in your day too)


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Blue skies, sunshine - what a beautiful day to be retired!

Just got home from the hospital, still doing the happy dance, and feeling the need to share....

Understanding speech (which is not the same as hearing speech)

Today's worse score 87%, today's best score 90.5%

3 years post implant 74%

6 to 18 months post implant 37%

prior to implant 3% (yep from 3% to 90.5% in 4 and a half years)

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Isn’t it just incredible?!!!!!!

My first implanted ear had not processed any sound at all for 24 years before being implanted.  It had heard before that.  So my right ear prior to CI was at 0%!  

I am thankful for my CIs every single morning when I go from hearing absolutely nothing to enjoying all the incredible sounds that surround us.

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