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Claudio Gambarotta

Claudio Gambarotta

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Dear All,

I seem to have a problem with Artone 3 Max concerning the audio outside the mobile calls. The looping concerning the audio is not working fully on my mobile phone which is an I phone 11. Does someone know the reason?  I do not understand it because the device is working on the phone with no roblem, but only from time to time on other kind of audio such as video, audiobooks or music. The device is picking up the TV sound with no problem, but not with the mobile.

I have written to info@artonecs.com and I hope that is the correct e mail.

Thanks for your help

Claudio G

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@Claudio Gambarotta

When the audio from your phone is not being heard through your Artone (and you are on MT or T) check….

the control panel … audio….that the Artone is selected

the volume is turned up…. It is possible that different apps on the same device are set to different volumes 

And the BT setting is set to Artone






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