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Cochlear Implant Evaluation for SSD


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I lost my hearing in my right ear through SSNHL in May and have a cochlear implant evaluation today (left ear is normal to mild hearing). What questions should I ask my surgeon? What should I expect from this evaluation, I am feeling super anxious! Thank you in advance. 


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I am sorry you experienced side hearing loss.  I’m not sure where you live, so things may be different than what I describe.

Typically a CI candidacy evaluation includes:

appt with CI surgeon

imaging of the cochlea (MRI/CT)

extensive audio logical testing on the sound booth by a CI audiologist

brand selection and processor selection 

physical prior to surgery

vaccinations to protect from meningitis 

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Some decent questions:


-How many cochlear implant surgeries have you performed using __________ (AB, Cochlear, Med El)?

-Do you have a preference between different manufacturers?  Why? (they should NOT disclose any bias)

-How many revisions have you performed, and were they as successful as the original?

-What does a scar typically look like after surgery?

-How do you decide on the location of magnet placement under the skin?

-Are you able to preserve any natural hearing when you do CI surgery?

-What does the timeline on surgery day look like?

-How do you know if I am a good candidate for a CI?

-Should I implant just one or both ears? Why?

-Will having CI surgery affect my tinnitus or balance?

-What are good ways for me to learn to hear/rehab after being activated? 

-Are there any medical procedures I shouldn’t have with a CI?

-When can I exercise and lift things again after surgery?

-How many times will I see you after the surgery?

-How many times will I see the audiologist after activation?

-Can you connect me with another patient who has had each brand of implant I am considering?

-Are there any vaccines I should get before being implanted? (Meningitis is common vaccine)

-Do you close the surgical area with glue, staples, or stitches? Will I need to return to have those removed?

-Do you verify internal placement of implant electrodes with an xray prior to closing up when surgery is completed?

-Ask for detailed post op instructions: when can you wash hair, care of incision, pain meds, cup removal, Will you see surgeon for post op checkup?

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