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I am getting ready to have my surgery soon and need to choose a product.  I am very concerned about phone usage.  How do you manage it with Med-el?

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I have the opus two with comes with a lead that plugs straight into my phone a Samsung ace it also connects to my ipad you however cannot pls your ci straight into anything mains operated it will short out!.

As for land line phones I will let you know I am starting telephone training next week

And I am starting also to use my t setting on my fine tuner though the shops that use this are few and far between!

I have used my mobile to listen and read audio book and it works well

Good luck with your surgery


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Well I just recently got a new phone and I have to say that the issues I had were definitley the old phone. telecoil works great, and I can hear much better on it. if you are looking for a phone, be sure to shop around.

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Hi Sheri,  I have an iPhone and use a ClearSounds Quattro, Bluetooth neck loop.  I leave my CIs on M/T about 95% of the time so I can still get an idea if I am talking too loud.  the T setting is 100% telecoil while the M/T is 50% microphone/50% telecoil.  You may want to decide for yourself what works better for you! You also have the option of using the phone without assistive listening devices and my RONDOs are also good for that option. Here's a helpful link: http://www.medel.com/us/user-support-using-assistive-listening-devices/?titel=Using%20Assistive%20Listening%20Devices & please keep us posted.

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