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Worried. Mt 90-year-old father, hearing aids no longer effective, told CI only hope.


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Hi. We're coming to terms with the news that my dad has nearly no aidable hearing left after years of wearing hearing aids.  He'll be 90 next month, is wheelchair bound, has one remaining eye with low vision. We're meeting with a CI surgeon late next month.  If approved, I'm not convinced he'll do well, not sure he'd work at aural rehab. Worried he couldn't see drawings or flash cards or computer screen if they're used in rehab. He has nearly no patience. It's been extremely hard to communicate with him for several months.  I tried to start explaining in large, handwritten notes that the new hearing would be different and he'd have to have rehab & practice. It's all foreign to him and if it goes forward, I can picture him being infuriated by the non-immediate, strange-sounding outcome.  The audiology office says they've succeeded with 90+ year old individuals. We don't have an alternate choice and his hearing has declined much in the last few months. I don't want him to lose all sound. (not trying to be negative but need to see things realistically.)

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Welcome to HearPeers.  Deciding to get a CI is a complicated decision for many of us.  It must be extra complicated to make the decision for an older loved one.

I wish you and your father the best.

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