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I was implanted at Oregon Health Sciences University in June 2017.  At the time i received one Rondo and one Sonnet.  Within the last year+, i lost the Rondo. I don't have replacement insurance but i when i reported the Rondo lost, i was told that i am entitled to a one time no cost replacement of the lost Rondo.  I was wondering if anyone has used that replacement process and can they tell me about it?  Was it easy to do and are you satisfied with the outcome?  Thanks for your help/information.  Robert

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Med-El US provides a one time loss/damage with each new processor kit.  You contact your CSR and he/she helps you through the process.  Your CSR can also send you the written info explaining what is covered.  I’m glad you still had your one time loss coverage.

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Thanks for the reply.  But i 'm still interested in communicting with someone who has actually gone through the process.  Robert

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