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Concerns regarding CI programming

Shiyi Wang

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Dear all, I have a question. My son Felix was bilaterally implanted and he is almost 2. I noticed that Felix keeps calling 'water' as 'aaa-mmmm' for a while. His speech therapist had the same observation and she provided us with new babbling activities to encourage Felix saying 'water'. But I hope to ensure that his speech substitution was the result of needing more practice and not due to CI programming issues.

While I was reading that realized that some CI Centers use mapping which does not measure all Ts and Cs for every electrode (usually every other or every 3rd electrode).  The software then automatically extrapolates the correct settings for the Ts / Cs which were not measured.  That means in the extrapolation, Felix could be missing the distinctive measurements which might lead to his confusion. 

Could you please share your insights on how your audiologist maps your MEDEL CI, if possible? Thank you!


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@Shiyi Wang

The way the 4 brands of CIs are MAPped varies by brand.  When reading about MAPping, see if you can find Med-El MAPping stories.

Does Felix respond to Ling sounds yet?  Has his AVT taught you how to test by using the Ling sounds?  This is one way to see if Felix has auditory access across speech frequencies.  I just saw a post about an expanded Ling set which includes a few additional sounds.

Keeping track of sounds that concern you (like “w”) and sharing them with Felix’s AVT and audiologist is terrific.


Med-El uses a default value for thresholds based on the M settings.

As audiologists MAP differently, it may be good to ask your audiologist if all electrodes have been tested and set individually.

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