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Questions about hearing aids for my 2 year old child


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In this forum, I want to tell you about my 2 year old boy who suffers from moderate bilateral hearing loss at birth. He was quickly fitted at the age of 3 months. His hearing loss mainly concerns medium and high-pitched sounds. It takes between 55 and 75 decibels to hear them depending on the frequencies and ears. . Concerning the low-pitched sounds, it is a little better, he hears at 25-40 decibels depending on the ear.
Due to the pandemic, he only did two speech therapy sessions. During this time, we try to stimulate him at home as best we can, according to the instructions provided by the specialists.
My child is not yet verbal. He only said a few (incomplete) words. He tries, he imitates, but does not arrive yet.
Another thing, my son is not yet able to follow discussions or long sentences. He understands the routine instructions, but it's always easy to help with gestures. Also, it is easy for him to quickly recognize anything that is melodies, songs, vocals, etc.
So I wonder if hearing aids effectively transmit sound so that the brain is able to decipher the information. He wears the basic hearing aids that the Canadian Government provides for free, but I have been told that there is has more effective hearing aids to deal with noise.
The ENT tells us that if the progression is not great, we must think of the cochelar implant ...
Are there among you people who have lived or know cases like my son, I would be grateful if you have any information or advice that can help.
Thank you so much!

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