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SSD Gaming: Sound Location


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As goofy as it sounds, the worst part about my hearing loss has been the complete inability to locate opponents via sound in FPS games. I would love to hear from any SSD gamers on how they cope, especially CS:GO players. 

Here are links to some products I am looking at:

2E1 Vibe Belt: Audio Translated as Directional Vibe Cues for Deaf & HoH Gamers\




2E1 "Two Ears In One" True Stereo Headphones For The Single-Sided Deaf Community



[Windows 10] Sonic Radar 3 UWP introduction


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Those are really interesting products! I can't speak to FPS gaming where directionality matters as my favorite game is Civ 6, so I don't have any suggestions/opinions on that. Since I'm going to get my second CI in a couple of months, I don't want to invest too much into SSD equipment--but I will keep these links to share with people. What I do have, which won't sound as good as what you linked, but may be the best option for wireless headphones are the Avantree SSD headphones that mix stereo into mono so both ears (they convert back to stereo with a button combination), and support the low-latency codec that is critical for watching videos with people speaking. They have eliminated the really awful latency that I was experiencing when watching video with wireless headphones on Windows when used in combo with an atx-LL BT transmitter. Here is my setup in case you're interested in a wireless option (though it won't have the directionality boost that you get from the innovative solution that you linked to):

HeadphonesAvantree SSD headphones .  They sound good for the price point and support APTX-LL (low latency/low delay codec with only 40ms delay). The catch is that you can't use standard bluetooth transmitters (e.g. built-in bluetooth) to experience the low-latency sound. (they work fine on standard bluetooth, but with standard latency). Another issue is that the headphones prioritize APTX-HD (high def sound with about standard bluetooth latency/lag at 250ms). So, to guarantee Low Latency with minimal lag, I bought a bluetooth transmitter that lets you select the transmit mode. The headphones also have a detachable microphone that I don't use. The headphone ear cups are just big enough to work with the Sonnet 2.

Bluetooth transmitter: Avantree Oasis Plus has optical input and output so that it will both transmit bluetooth in my choice of codecs (aptx, aptx-LL, aptx-HD, or standard BT), but also pass through the optical to my optical speakers (there is also a 3.5mm aux in and and out that I haven't used yet). When I want to use the headphones in wireless mode, I turn on transmit mode on the Oasis Plus (HD for music or LL for videos where latency matters). The speakers will work both when transmit mode is on and off. I liked this so much for my PC, that I bought another Oasis Plus for a TV (using the $10 coupon that came in the box for the first one because I bought directly from the manufacturer) so that I can use the headphones while my husband uses the sound bar (the optical pass-through even keeps the LG proprietary soundbar/TV connection working). Then we liked that so much that we bought the slightly more full-featured Orbit (with the same coupon code) for the main TV.  The only problem that I have run into is that if I forget to turn off one transmitter(even if it's in another room), I hear some interference and have trouble connecting.  Everything works great if only one is used in transmit mode at a time .

I'd love to hear how the 2E1 works for you if you end up trying them. 


NOTE: the SSD headphones packaging is not labeled SSD. The FAQ steps here worked for me, though:

While the headphones are in use (i.e. playing music), press & hold both “+” and “play/pause” buttons simultaneously until you hear a voice prompt “Mono Mode” / “Stereo Mode”

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 I don't know if you have partners in your game. Do you back up your game files? My brother, who's currently playing Bulletstorm FPS Action style, had to make backups. After some HDD failure, he had to seek help from data recovery services. The data was, of course, restored, and advised to be sure to make backups. Although he plays without a partner so far, my brother cherishes his games, so he always makes backups. And 2E1 Vibe Belt has not yet been purchased, but my brother wants to get such a belt.

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