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Android or iPhone for Rondos?


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My iPhone is starting to go and I’d rather not invest in $1k+ for a new one if an Android is just as good for streaming. I have Rondo 3s and am using the AudioLink. 

If androids are just as good, which do you recommend and why? I’ve never had an Android before so all the information you can give me is quite welcome. 

thank you  🙏 





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I am an iPhone user.  Finally updated from iPhone 8 to iPhone 12 mini.  I love it!  

Android and iPhones both work with AudioLink.  

No matter if you have an iPhone, an Android, or another kind of smartphone, you can connect with AudioLink. ” -Med-El website

Android phones offer some cool free speech to text features.  Check out LiveTranscribe by Google and LiveCaption.

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Hi Rebecca. I have samsung s9 and its working well for me. I just love using audio link and still figuring out more ways to stream. I also have audio stream which also works well

 I have verizon and they are currently offering good discounts. I think they want folks to get new phones to use the new 5g, im very happy with my current phone. Ask away lots of advice here

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