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Interference at 2.4 GHz


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Just figured out my audio quality issues. Went back to the documentation and confirmed that 2.4 GHz devices can cause interference with the AudioLink. 🤦‍♀️ Why I glossed over that, I don’t know  

My tv setup has the modem and router underneath, and that’s where I had the AudioLink right next to. I primarily use 5.0 GHz but because the router also runs 2.4 GHz that’s likely what caused the poor quality. I’ve got two satellites that run the same frequencies so I’ll have to test the AudioLink around them too and see if those will cause any issues as well. When streaming in those areas. 

I actually moved it last night then googled the manual and confirmed my guess was right. I’d just gone for a one night stay upstate and had zero issues with audio quality going to the Rondo 3 via AudioLink, just with I had checked sooner. Only time I had this problem was when watching TV. Hoping this also resolves the distance issue as my kitchen is not far at all from my TV. (Technically it’s still near the router and modem, just as far away as the cable and entertainment center will allow; still seems way better). 

Still have not tried the AudioLink with my Sonnet 2 but I don’t need it with that processor anyways and like my current setup so will likely leave it as-is. Someday I might do a sound comparison just to see. I like playing with things and trying stuff out. 

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