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OPUS 2 Worn out before 3 year Warranty


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I am forced to buy the Sonnet because OPUS 2 cannot handle any moisture at all!  I work outside.  Anyone in that has worn any hearing aid knows that moisture will destroy it.  Ironically, Med El can make someone that cannot hear, hear again or for the first time due to technological advances.  The only problem is that they were unable to create a water-tight fit to protect the device.  Now, this is not "rocket science".  This is poor workmanship.  As much as these devices cost they should be sealed from external corrosion.

Now I have to buy an upgrade, which I was told was in the works when I first purchased these defective devices.  It was my understanding that they would replace them, free of charge.  But no!  I had to purchase them again.  Now I can't get anyone to reply to my emails about my new purchase and I am still waiting.  My right processor eats 3 batteries every one or two days.  Now I am using the Rondo on the right side, which by the way has better sound qualities even though they were programed the same.


I am very disappointed in the Med El product, so far, and I wish Ayonna Thornhill would answer my emails.  I purchased the Sonnet over two weeks ago and I have heard nothing after sending her two emails.


I could go on and on about the problems I have experienced in the last 2 years to 2½ years.  I have had to replace numerous parts more than once.  Very Disappointed.

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Hi Don, thanks for writing to us about this. What I'm going to do now is get in touch with our MED-EL USA team and pass this on to them. I'll keep you informed about what happens.

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I am not a CI user but I do not remember that any other CI of other producer had waterproof model except AB's Neptune which is made just for the heavy-climate purposes.

Now Sonnet and Opus 2 retroactiveky have waterproof covers which can be used as the moisture cover.

Oh, now when I think about it more thoroughly, there is a company, EarGear which make covers for CI for the purpose of the protection against moisture.

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