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I just posted over in the adult recipient subforum but figured I should say hi here too. I'm Ang, and I'm bilaterally implanted for a bit over a year now using Sonnet 2s. Right ear was first, and then left. Left ear is giving me some challenges though, which drove my posting in the other sub.

Not sure why I was blessed with losing my hearing, but that seems reasonably common around here from what I've read. So anyway, hi.

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Hi Ang.  I hope you are able to get some helpful feedback regarding your left ear.   I am newly implanted for single sided deafness and I've received a lot of reassuring advice so far.    Good luck!

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Hi ang, i am implanted on one side 3 months, i have no ha yet for my unimplanted 50 % ear. I had my 3 month mapping last week. During my long day of research testing i wore a loner hearing aid, wow i cant wait to get the other side a permanent aid.. the sounds were more centralized,  everything waS so well rounded, im not sure i would keep rehabbing as heavy if i could hear like that!!! I wont delay much longer, but i hope your left side gets better and caught up soon!


Welcome to the group!

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