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Rondo 3 and electronic distortion


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I am about 70 days post activation. One ofthe issues I have been facing is distortion of sound. I am calling it electronic distortion for want of a better term. This has nothing to do with my weak ability to recognise words vs sounds, it has all to do with how those words or sounds are reflected to my brain. I check it occasionally by pressing the "Test Sound" button on Audio2Ear. If the sound is distorted I shut down my Rondo, start it up again and the problem normally disappears.

I mentioned this at my latest mapping meeting and was told that the only way the check this was to swap out the processor and see if the problem contnues to exist: that is what we have done. The Centre I go to has suggested that it may be an Audoilink problem and that I should try shutting down Audiolink. With a Rondo 3 that doesn't seem like a very good idea as it cuts off all ability for Iphone etc communication.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue and, if so, how was it dealt with?


All thoughts/comments welcome.

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I only get a distorted sound when my phone is obscured from the Rondo somehow. If I hold it away, on the right side of my head, under a blanket, in my pockets or whatever else (or step away from my phone) the sound gets distorted. This also happens: When I am streaming with my Sonnet 2 and AudioStream and put my phone in a pocket or my purse; and, step away from the TV when streaming via AudioLink, but still in range to get a signal and not far enough to completely disconnect it. 

As long as there’s nothing in between my phone and whichever processor I am using (too much space, my head, a blanket, pockets, my purse, etc), the sound is clear. 

Not sure if any of that will help but I occasionally get distorted sounds too. 

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