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Someone implanted with a CI with a 'ski-slope' hearing loss?

Kirby van As

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Hi everyone,

My name is Kirby and I am having a hearling loss since I was 24 years old. I'm having a 'ski-slope' hearing loss.

My brains are working very hard with the hearling loss, so that my speech results are abnormal high (75%).

I am a Hearing Specialist in the Netherlands for hearing aids and I am wearning two hearing aids right now.

This week I went to the Audiologist for a new advise, because my hearingloss became worser. 

She gave the advice to go to the CI-Team in Rotterdam. (I've been there 5 years ago and my speech results were to good to get implanted).

I am looking for someone who has also been implanted with a ski-slope hearing loss.

I am concidering to be implanted, but I am so afraid that my rest-hearing in the low frequensies will be lost after the surgery.

Although I read a lot of information with the latest technology and options in the surgery, that it will be possible to save the rest-hearing.

Someone who has had the experience with this hearing loss and get implanted?


Thank you so, so much. 


In the attachment you can find my hearing results (It is not 100% fair, because the words from the speech results are familiar for me, because I do a lot of those tests with my clients).


Audioinfo kirby.pdf

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29 minutes ago, Mary Beth said:

@Kirby van As

You may find that type of info in our EAS section 



Wishing you the best!

My audiologist havent told me About EAS, only About a CI.

I am gonna read About it on the section.


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The attachment doesn’t seem to work but I was told oodles of times my hearing prior to being implanted in the right ear was a ski slope or big time slope.  I’d have to try digging around to see if it isn’t available someplace.  I did lose my residual hearing but that’s mainly due to the surgeon inserting and taking out the wrong size wire (26 flex) then inserting the correct smaller size (24 flex)so all that was damaged.  The plan was for an EAS and even my Sonnet 2 is still considered/registered as an EAS but without that residual hearing all was moot.


It’s not normal but can happen to losing the residual hearing more often than not.  However, it’s not all doom and gloom.  Just need to retrain the brain to process things but it’ll eventually be just fine.

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Wow john, im so sorry your surgery complicated things....i thought the required pre surgery scan helps with implant planning.

I thought at first i had not retained much, but after recovery and activation, plus additional steroid pack, it seemed to come back. The eas does work, settings allow "mixes" of electronic and acoustic hearing which helps the sound to be more normal. The difference in wearing is an ear mold and tube are plugged onto the unit "hook" on the sonnet 2. The ear piece has holes so some sound that is picked up by the processor is sent through to the ear vs electronic only to the implant. Its supposed to be to help with music, but i think it helps a little with voices also. Does the ear mold bug me? Yeah it did a little, but i got used to it quick and had no real sore spots.

Good luck with things, please let us know how it goes


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