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The PowerOne batteries in my Sonnet last less than an hour.

Diego Armando

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Last year I used 675 batteries from other brands such as Kirkland or those sold at Oticon from AudioLife, but at some point both stopped working well for me, the pair of batteries lasted less than three hours, it was only resolved when I started to buy the PowerOne batteries that are original from Medel, but for two days I have been having the same problem as with the other batteries, even worse, the pair lasts a maximum of 30 minutes, I have to be removing them and changing their position, so that they last another 5 minutes extras, sometimes the problem disappears until I turn off and take off the device, when I turn it on again the problem reappears.
Batteries are very expensive so I'm looking for a solution. The first 2 images are the first 2 batteries I used for a long time before failing and having to buy the PowerOne ones.


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@Diego Armando

I use Power One implant batteries with my Sonnet.


Have you cleaned your battery contacts? Med-El has a YouTube video showing how to do that.

Another possibility is the Sonnet battery cover.  Is it fitting as tightly as it should?  I have to change my Sonnet battery covers when they start to loosen up.


I hope you find a fix soon.

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