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Visit with medel rep


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Hi all, just found out my audi appointment this thursday is also with a rep! University of iowa in iowa city! Anyone have suggestions for questions? Im making a list.

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Dianna, Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. please would you sound out your rep on any near term plans to improve Audio2Ear and AudioKey 2 and/or to allow med-el customers to stream to both the processor and a third party hearing aid at the same time. I also want the Audiokey dock to accept optical input. I have a reasonably modern wall mounted TV which is attached to my internet suppliers TV box. This TV box has optical in/out only. Don't be surprised if you don't get straight answers as they are probably advised not to release upcoming changes but see if they drop any hints. One of my support guys opened up a bit a few weeks ago but then clamped back down again so I was left with the feeling something is in the pipeline but not for our consumption at this stage. I am interested for them to make the whole concept simpler, more efficient and more inclusive. It is also my experience that Audiolink someimes distorts the sound I hear in my ear. This is doubly difficult to discuss because it does not happen all the time and it happens inside my head so no one else can hear it when it happens.

Another theme might be Rondo battery life. I am averaging 17 hours on a full charge with Audio2Ear running all day. That, for me, if borderline acceptable. I would really like the average to be 19+

Thanks for you help.

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