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ABI for our daughter


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Our youngest daughter, Plien, who is almost 2 years old now, will get an ABI implant by the end of September. She was born deaf, and because of common cavity & missing hearing nerve, she is not eligible for a CI.

In the mean time, we started sign language, which she picked pretty quick, so we're able to communicate without much frustration, and she has no problem in expressing her wishes (in kindergarten, with the grandparents, etc.)

So we hope to be able to exchange info with other ABI & CI users, or parents of.


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Hello and welcome to the Hearpeers. :)

Unfortunately, right niw we do not have active ABI user but last what we have opportunity to read here is an experience of an engineer from Canada who got ABI due to his cakcified cochleas who could not function with CI.

On the other hand it is little bit different with your daughter but dr. Coletti from Verona has some very good experience with ABI implanted children.

But, if we can be of further assistance we'll gladly like to read your experiences and help if we can. :)

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Welcome to hearpeers!!! Sign language is an excellent idea as you can bridge the gap in communication until she gets more familiar with the device.

Our son was VERY late in developing speech. His therapist did the same thing. We learned around 30 different signs. We also made cards with the sign on them and gave them to say a babysitter. This way they could not be totally frustrated at the end of the night. As he learned new words, he would drop the sign and just say the word. He actually did that on his own. He does not have any hearing loss. Actually I am the deaf one

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