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How CI features impact music quality

Mary Beth

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I am a fan of the Omni mic setting because I do not like the distortion that the other front end processsing features create, especially on music.  So I choose to use Omni mic setting as my everyday program and only switch to the dual mic adaptive program in very loud noise sometimes.

The article below explains the science behind these distortions and its impact on music quality.

One of my favorite quotes:

In any case, since these noise-reduction systems have been designed to improve the perception of speech in noise, they are unlikely to be of any benefit when listening to music. Rather, the envelope distortion that they introduce is likely to degrade the perception of music by users of HAs and CIs. Therefore, it is recommended that a CI is set up with a dedicated music program, as is often done for HAs, and in the music program any adaptive noise-reduction processing is disabled.”



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  • HearPeers Heroes

It does make me wonder why Med-El chose these music settings in adaptive intelligence mild and adaptive intelligence strong instead of choosing

mic setting OMNI

all other features set to OFF




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