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Activated today


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My name is Cory and I had my left ear implanted on March 3rd.  My activation was today.  I am scheduled to be implanted on the right side May27th.  I have suffered from profound hearing lost for over 40 years.  Hearing aids were helpful until about 10 years ago. 

Around 2011 I started to notice I could no longer understand people unless they were facing me.  I realized my word recognition had dropped dramatically.  I had already been told I was a candidate for an implant, but was very hesitant to proceed with the procedure.  Due to my lip reading being superb, I had no issue getting by in daily life even though I knew I was not hearing most of my surroundings.  As long as I could communicate, I was good.  The people that work for me already knew my situation and made it was even easier to communicate with them.  

Then came COVID.  Mask mandates exposed the reality of what I was dealing with.  While my crew would simply lower their masks to speak with me, the general public / workforce would not.  This made every day living outside of work / home extremely difficult.  I began to realize I was out of options.  After a lot of reading and some persistent prodding from my wife, I decided to take the plunge.

My surgeon did a fantastic job and informed me he was extremely happy with how the procedure went.  I experienced little pain and was back to normal two or three days after surgery.  I healed up well and awaited my activation day, which was today.

I've been a member of numerous cochlear FB pages and have read tons of material on the subject.  I wanted to be fully prepared for activation.  I kept my expectations realistic and knew rehab would be extensive.  I have a fantastic support group in my wife and daughter so I was ready.  At least I thought I was.  

Activation went as smooth as I guess it could.  The implant worked and I was able to hear sound.  I went with a two processor clinic and ordered both a Rondo 3 and Sonnet 2.  My heart was set on the Rondo 3 because I was thrilled with the idea of having nothing on my ear.  My whole life I've been told I'm thick skinned, but it means something totally different when implants and magnets are involved.  While the Rondo did stay on my head, it would definitely go flying with any sudden movement.  It was a let down, but the thought of hearing put that to bed quickly.  The sonnet 2 is a bit bulkier than I wanted, but again, it's pretty much a larger version of my hearing aid.  My audiologist hooked me up and flipped the switch.  I heard the customary start up beeps and then.....sound!!  However, I was not prepared for how dramatic of a change I'd be facing.  I've read many personal experiences and was expecting to possibly make out a word or two.  I cannot understand anything.  I have what appears to be a constant, old fashioned "dial tone" rolling in my head and everything else sounds like someone is passionately playing the high octaves of a miramba.  Needless to say, I was thoroughly disappointed.  I'm well aware it's the first day and surely everything gets better from here.  With hard work and dedication, I am hoping to experience some of the great results I have read from Med El implant users around the world.

I'm excited to be apart of the community and look forward to reading others experiences as well as sharing my own.  :)

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congratulations on your CI!

You are at your starting line of a marathon.  Keep the faith.

I did not understand any speech at either of my activations and both of my CIs are amazing hearing ears now.

Here is a link to my story if you are interested.

Also we have a monthly GoogleMeet captioned chat and our next one is on May 1st if you are interested in joining reply to the post.  We have other newly implanted members who join in.



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@CJLeinonen. When I was activated three months ago I could immediately hear and recognise common or garden sounds, click, grates, bangs etc. Words were a different issue. I was immediately tested and though a score was not indicated to me I do not believe I recognised even 10% of the words that came over the loudspeaker and maybe my success rate was even less than that. Just keep at it and let your brain  do its job. Use the remapping sessions you will be having to try different settings. All will start to get better for you, I hope, fairly quickly.

For the first weeks I deliberately did not put my hearing aid in my other ear just to try and force my brain to react.

Today, while I use a hearing aid in my other ear I know I can operate without it. Music is still a problem for me and I don't trust myself to use my mobile phone directly into my implant (Rondo). I still find the speaker phone works better. I never and cannot use a land line phone.

For the Rondo, have your audiologist try different magnet strengths. I started out with a three, moved to a four and am now and since the end of the first month on a two. I only lose my Rondo when I knock it off. It never falls off just by itself. Over here we do not have two processor centres so I have never tried a Sonnet but I am heartily glad no longer to have something over my ear.

As @MaryBeth mentioned: Keep the faith.

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@CJLeinonen Congratulations on your activation!  I love what Mary Beth said, "You're at the starting line of a marathon!"  That about sums it up!   My activation was a decade ago, but I still remember the noise!  Everything was so loud; almost overwhelming.  And people sounded like chipmunks.  My audiologist had prepared me for it, but it was still a bit of a shock.   As you do the rehab, things will get better and better.  It's gradual, but it happens.  It's amazing how your brain will adjust and recognize sounds you haven't heard for years.  I must have asked my family and friends a hundred times, "What's that sound?"  And then it just clicks...and Wow!  I can't wait to read your "Wow Moments!" Do your rehab. Take time to be kind to yourself.  Rest when you need it.   As Mary Beth said, " Keep the faith!" 🙂

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Hi cory! Congratulations on your activation! Ive been activated 7 months now! Yes, its a long journey, however it can be soooo fun. I was quite excited and a little scared when activation started, when the first array was started i actually ducked! It reminded me of when new sound surround started at the movies, when dolby was blasted, remember when it was so awesome and loud at theaters? It was an amazing sound for me that day at the audi....i could hear words but they wete really squeeky like a mickey mouse movie. I was amazed and thrilled with wonder. I just sat outside and listened. Its fun hearing something and identifying it, some sounds took a long time. I streamed music a bunch! At first it was totally weird some unrecognized but every day more and more parts came together, i could hear the humming birds!! Every day i had a wow moment! I played with the volume alot!!! Some tones were louder than others, the rehab really helps at angel sounds, check out info here for the rehabbing folks like.

Today i can say i hear much more and better than with various hearing aids ive used for 30 years,  so much so i still have not gotten a hearing aid for my un implanted ear yet!!,   i will soon though as i need the ear for more normal balance. I have 50 percent hearing in that ear, just havnt made the decision of brand.

Im hoping that you have as much fun as im having, please dont get discouraged, practice is needed for your brain! Enjoy the wow moments!

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