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AudioIink work around

Mary Beth

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Many users have reported that the AudioLink functions and sounds better when it is directly plugged into the sound source either through the cables or the dock.  A work around to this which then lets us keep the AudioLink on us and lets  us move around is to cable the AudioLink to a small wearable BT device.  Sound travels like this….

BT wearable device to paired with our phone (AudioLink is not connected to the phone by BT on this set up)

BT wearable device is plugged into the AudioLink (I prefer a light flexible 2.5 to 3.5 cable instead of the two pieces in the AudioLink kit.  BOSE QC35 comes with such an optional cable.)




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I like this cable, will look for one. I just had a phone call by blue tooth with audio link, no cable. It was perfect. Tho some callers who mumble are still difficult (smile)

I use the cable from analog outlet on older tv to audio link stand. The stand is also plugged into charge. So i still have a little fluctuating volume issue could be the cable

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