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Tinnitus therapy. Is it worth a try?


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Hi everyone,

I introduced myself on the forums back in late November.  I had my surgery October 25th, sound processor activated November 23rd  2021.  I’ve been very diligent with my aural rehab and always wearing my sound processor but I have still not experienced any tinnitus relief to date.

I was wondering if there is anyone else that is still suffering from loud and constant tinnitus after cochlear implantation?  Is it still too early to see any real improvements?

More specifically, has anybody tried any tinnitus therapy?  What was your experience, outcome?

Thanks so much!

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I am sorry you still have tinnitus.  My tinnitus significantly reduced a bit after activation and while wearing the processor it is not noticeable.  I have no experience with tinnitus therapy.  I hope you find a solution.

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