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I have a the sonnet ci. Have had it for about 6 months now. The problem I'm having is the slight echo that has not gone away. It is driving me in sane. My question is how long does it take for the echo sound go away? My aud. Says my brain has to adapt to the ci and will take time.is this true? I quess I just don't have any patience. I thought by now I would be tuned in. All and all happy I can hear something better than nothing. Does anyone have or has this problem?

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when I have not been around people for a day or so, I find that I need time for my brain to catch up to sounds and it been 2 years since my implant. It sounds tinny and like I'm in an echo chamber. This journey will take you on many highs and lows but you are correct, you can hear and it gets better. Just keep repeating the 3 Ps - patience, practice and perseverance. You must get want to keep a diary of when it sounds like an echo. Is it in a room that has a high ceiling or open concept or a large area? Just some thoughts.

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Hi Outoforder, thanks for writing to us. I'm not a doctor, so can't give you any specific advice on the echoes that you say you're hearing, but what I have done is sent this on to our MED-EL USA team so that they know about it. I recommend keeping your audiologist informed about what's going on, and getting in touch with your local MED-EL representative as well. So I'll send you a private message with more information about your representative. 

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