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Unique Humor


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Just starting a lighthearted thread here. CIs sure do come with some unique situations to make us laugh. 

Just yesterday, work suddenly got busy so I was hyper focused. We have a thing where people will call someone’s line and end the call with no voicemail then when the person is able to, will return the missed call. Handy for busy times. Did that then get back to work only I hear a voice say something and I couldn’t tell where it came from. My head was whipping around (glanced at my door, my phone, my computer, etc). Had my hands up all confused and actually said “the heck?” Then the voice said “I’m back here” and I turn around and my coworker is in the corner of my office. Hadn’t noticed she walked in. We both had a good laugh as my coworker thought I’d saw her walk in due to my office layout. Nope lol. I explained a little about the CI and that I’m prone to tunnel vision when focusing. 

also my dad now needs HAs himself finally so… well at least he knows a good clinic to go to. 

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