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Med-El Top Notch Customer Service


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Just did a quick follow up call with Med-El as I hadn’t heard back from them about my request they look into the battery program they had. Kept meaning to call by 4/21 to see but have been busy busy, and the time difference didn’t help any. Called just now and there wasn’t any movement but not only they’ll try to speed it through and as a courtesy are sending me a packet of batteries. I wasn’t expecting that and it’s really very appreciated. So far they’re 2-2 for top notch customer service for the two times I’ve had to call them. 

I’ll be in hospital for a few days, no more than a week, and decided to finally switch to disposables (at least for two months) so I have less stuff to worry about and don’t have to get to/from the charger as that’s going to be impossible for a few weeks and difficult for a few months. 

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