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KellieZ New Member Introduction


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Hi, All

I've just joined the group and have already found it very helpful.  I am in my 60s and have single-sided deafness and intermittent balance issues due to Meniere's Disease.  I've had a gradual decrease in hearing  over the past 20 years to the point where I had no usable hearing left in my now-implanted ear.   I have been pleasantly surprised with my implant as I don't have the screeching or Mickey Mouse voices others mention, but I do understand there is a long road ahead to get the most from my CI.    

I live in a suburb of San Francisco, California, and was implanted in February 2022.  I have the MedEl Sonnet 2 (and lots of accessories that have a bigger learning curve than I expected).   When I asked his opinion, my ENT recommended the Sonnet 2 for my specific situation.  My treatment is through Sutter Health in Fremont, CA, even though I live just a few miles from Stanford.  My ENT came very highly recommended so it was worth the extra 40 minute drive.  I'm very happy with my audiologist and vestibular therapist in the same group and am grateful I live in an area with so many options for excellent quality healthcare.     

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Hi kelliez, welcome to hear peers! I currently live in iowa, but lived in san jose for nearly all my life!

Im glad you are happy so far in this journey, ive been activated for 7 months and it was same for me. I heard my relatives voices right away, they did sound mousey, but i could converse with them!

Good luck and let us know how you are doing


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