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two weeks activated


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4/18/22, My activation was uneventful. I am still unable to understand complete sentences, voices sound muffled and tinnitus is a significant factor.  I appreciate any insight or perspective on these matters.

Also, how helpful are Ted Talk videos as practice for improving hearing? What are best practices for this purpose?

Thank you for your response. Cheers,   Samuel

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Hi samual!! Welcome to hearpeers and congrats on your activation!

I have not listened to ted talks but as soon as i figured out my tv plug in i found shows i like with same characters, like cnn.

Angelsounds is one of my favorite rehabs, in the beginning, i trained with vowels and consonants first. Repeating the trainings helps a great deal...male/female too. The music program is good too, i think it helps with voice tones alot.

Try not to be greedy too soon, i promise practice helps alot. Search here under rehab subjects and try a simple one out, vowel sounds and consonant sounds are just the beginning, every time i rehabbed for an hour, i sit outside for a bit, new recognition of sounds actually happen! Take care and enjoy!

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