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Where to purchase Audiolink


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I lost my Audiolink 😣

Is there another place to purchase the Audiolink, than the Medel shop?

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I know it seems pricey but i did not find audiolink much cheaper plus you have good warranty if you purchase from medel. 💘 

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According to my customer service rep, the warranty will cover malfunction, but not loss.

He also told me that I could use my 1- time processor replacement for it, but doesn't recommend it. 

And seeing that chances have been against me so far, even with three backup processors, I don't think I'm willing to take that chance. I'd rather pay $700 than $10000.

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I am unable to sign into the Med-El US web store at the moment.  It just shows a blank white screen.

When we purchase a new CI kit (surgery kit or upgrade kit) it comes with a one time loss coverage.  When we purchase individual Med-El items, they do not come with any loss coverage.  Just a warranty for repair for a stated period of time.

Everything is very expensive.

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