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Fluctuations in hearing

Ali Hirji

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Hi all. Last year, I went completely deaf in both ears (from normal hearing) in the space of 3 days. 

I got my CI in my right ear only (live in UK, through NHS). 

Majority of the time, it’s been great. I’m able to speak with family and work. However, on occasions, and at complete random, I get changes to my hearing (through my processor). It goes all loud and echoey. 

I’ve tried everything. Changed environment, stayed in silence, replaced processor, replaced coil, replaced mic cover, adjusted settings, etc… 

the fluctuating hearing and loud echoey hearing also happens when I stream audio, suggesting to me it’s not the environment. 

anyone experience this? What can I do to resolve? 

Im now at a loss, and it adds so much anxiety that I don’t know what type of hearing I’ll have in the morning I wake up. 

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Hello! Could you please elaborate on the fluctuations? Does the hearing go back to the previous state on its own or does it stay that way?

If the change is only temporary, did it happen when you were going through some cold or infection? A few people I know reported that their maps can get awfully loud/unpleasant when they are sick and then they decrease the volume and sensitivity in the remote to help a bit with the issue. The volume control should help with the loudness, the sensitivity is just so that fewer sounds are being picked up by the microphones.

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@Ali Hirji

I am sorry these fluctuations are happening.  Have you ever been able to go in for an appt during the time things seem so loud?

Which processor are you using?

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Thanks both. 

@Mary Beth I'm using the Cochlear processor, N7.

@Enegra thanks. the fluctuations sometimes last a day, or a couple of hours. Very random and usually return to normal. The sounds become loud and incredibly echoey. Despite amending volume and sensitivity levels. 

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Hi @Ali Hirji, I have similar experience few times when my tinnitus sound hit the roof. During those hours when the tinnitus is at peak, I found the sound is getting louder with some echo. But it comes down to normal as soon as tinnitus sound settle down within couple of hours.

I normally does nothing during those hours as I know it's nothing to do with processor or CI. Sometimes I reduce the sound and sensitivity level to find some comfort but it has never been that irritating that I had to get it off my head.

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Hi, sometimes this happens to me, i believe its when a large change in atmosphere and i actually get stuffy too. I am the best earwax producer and sometimes need to clean. 

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