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Is this the right forum to find a good Medel qualified audiologist?


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Is it against the rules here to ask for a recommendation/suggestion for a good audiologist in one's area?

If so, can someone suggest a place where one can ask?



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Thanks Mary Beth.

 I used to live near NYC and had a great audiologist there. I now live near Boca Raton, Florida. I have not been able to find an experienced, knowledgeable Medel audi near where I live.

I already went to the Medel Clinic Finder, found an ENT and audi in that they recommended, and waited months for an appointment. All said and done, the clinic *also* did Medel, but not many. I went home and could not hear a word with the new program. Fortunately, I had asked to save the earlier program. But it hurts so I don't wear the sonnets. I'm wearing a single Rondo II, but the programming is uncomfortable.

I contacted Medel and received an email this morning asking for more information. I replied and then received an automated email that they would be back next week.

I tried contacting U Miami over the past few years but have received no replies. It's been a while since I've had a decent mapping, plus I need parts, earmolds, and stuff.

This forum (and especially you, Mary Beth) has been very helpful in the past, so I figured that maybe someone knows a good audiologist in Southeast Florida, anywhere between Delray Beach and Miami.

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Thank you again Mary Beth.

I saw Dr. Holcomb today and she is truly amazing. I can hear, there is no pain, and the EAS is programmed in again.

You are a life saver.

Dr. Angeli, MD, was also wonderful to meet. He spotted some issues early on that nobody else had considered.

Thank you again.

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