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Streaming Game Changer - BiModal or not

John R

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OK so yes a proud Aussie moment, Audeara are Australian made, however they are made for You and I. 

Each ear is profiled / EQ'd by an app on your phone or soon your Audiologist with new software ( AudAssist ) 

in my case being BiModal I do not need to wear my HA on the left ear, as the headphones are Eq'd for my loss on the left and then EQ'd for my CI on the right. the results are AMAZING. Far better than any other streaming device I have tested and tried, also with noise cancellation etc.. 

Built in mic for phone calls and direct bluetooth capabilities to a computer with out cables or Hubs. 
The Hub that you can purchase for TV streaming offers every option possible and the distance range is very impressive. 

I have had these a couple of months and they really are impressive. 

@Mary Beth @artkup a MUST try... 

Cheers all, 




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Do you think it will work with the original Rondo? From the pic, it looks like it wouldn't fit over it... 

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In my experience, around the ear headphones are not comfortable with Rondos.  It’s difficult for me to position them correctly and they do not stay in place when I move.

I use the Artone neckloop or flat stereo headband speakers like CozyPhones or CozyBands with my Rondos.

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