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Using Roger transmitters (mics) and receivers with Sonnet/Sonnet2

Mary Beth

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The most recent Roger transmitter is called Roger On.  It works as a mic worn by a speaker, a handheld mic we point at the speaker, a tabletop mic for a small group or cabled into a sound source.  It does not have BT.  It only works when paired with a Roger receiver.  The integrated battery cover Roger receiver for Sonnet/Sonnet2 is called Roger21.  This Roger system is designed for speech, speech over distance and speech in noise.  It uses adaptive microphones and actually automatically adapts in noisy environments.  In the US, Phonak does not sell directly to end users so we must purchase through an audiologist.  There are options for ordering online from vendors in other countries who ship to the US.  People also find used products on eBay or FB groups.  Be careful not to purchase any Roger items labeled with IN. Those work with hearing aids that have a receiver built into them.  Roger works with most hearing aid brands for bilateral users.  We just need to match the hearing aid to the appropriate Roger receiver for that specific hearing aid.

Some helpful links

Roger On






Connevans ships internationally (pay attention to the VAT price reduction)



For bimodal users this link lets us see which Roger receivers work with specific hearing aid brand/model




There are other Roger transmitters (mics) that may be more appropriate in certain situations.  Like the Roger Clip On mic if you are  mainly interested in having one person wear it.  Or the Roger tabletop mic if you are mainly interested in larger meetings around a table.  It is possible to connect more than one Roger mic together to form a network of mics that work together.


Personally, I do not care for the Roger Pen mic.  This is my opinion, your opinion may differ.  In environments that reach 70 dB (mostly every restaurant I have been in), it no longer can pick up voices around the table- it becomes directional and only picks up voices in one fixed direction.  



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