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The future of CIs (Individualized CIs) has already begun

Mary Beth

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Personalized medicine is becoming more commonplace in some fields.  I think this will be true for cochlear implants as well… an individualized approach to cochlear implants- from selecting electrode arrays to match our unique cochleas to setting frequency ranges for each electrode based on its position in our cochlea after surgery as evidenced by imaging.  I am happy Med-El is such a pioneer for individualized cochlear implants.  I’m not surprised by this though because I know of people who required very unique electrode arrays due to their cochleas and Med-El designed them.  And Med-El also offers triphasic pulses for those users who experience facial stimulation issues or non auditory stimulation issues.  In these ways Med-El has always been focused on individualized cochlear implants.  It’s exciting.  I look forward to what Med-El has in store for us in the future.  Thank you @MED-EL Moderator



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Another article about personalized medicine in the field of otology.

I found this statement interesting…

Furthermore, bilateral implantation using a single internal device and a single processor will allow true binaural stereophonic hearing with excellent sound perception in noise”



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Interesting! Hope its available for my next ci!

The university center i go to was working on fda approval for an insertion tool, interesting stuff!

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