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Daniel Pinto

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Hello , I' m father of one child that was born deaf of right hear and with loss on left hear. He started using a hearing aid device at left hear and latter on he was implanted on right hear with a cochlear implant.

He is eleven now and his speaking therapist strongly recommended that we buy a FM aid system for school purposes. 

This device should pair both hearing devices. The devices my son uses are:

- Right hear: Coclear implant brand Med-El, model OPUS 2 & Rondo

- Left hear: Hearing aid, brand WIDEX, model Fashion Power Unique 220.

I really would appreciate if someone could recommend the ideal FM aid system that could pair and work fine with these hearing aids my son is using.

Many thanks 



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Check with your son's hearing aid audiologist to see which will work with his hearing aid.  Med-El Opus2 works with FM receivers with the Europlug (3 prongs) with the FM battery door.


check out Comfort Audio DigiSystem and Phonak Roger system.

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