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No sound using fine tuner & Artone max


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I have attempted to sync again my rondo 2 with my fine tuner and Artone max. Once everything is seemingly hooked up correctly I can hear absolutely nothing.

Could someone please explain what I am doing wrong and tell me what to correctly do. Thank you!



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Let’s start at the beginning.

1) Rondo 2 synced to Fine Tuner.

To do this turn one of your Rondo 2 processors off.  Place it on top of the FineTuner over the lower section.  It will magnetically adhere.  While it is attached to the FineTuner, turn it on. You will see lights on your FineTuner briefly.  Then repeat with the other Rondo 2.

This will sync your left and right Rondo 2 to the FineTuner so you can switch programs, change from M/MT/T, etc.

2) Next pair the Artone MAX with your phone/tablet.  To do this start with the Artone turned off.  Open the BT pairing window on your phone/tablet.  Place the Artone nearby and press AND hold until you see alternating blue and red lights.  Then release.  The Artone will appear as an option on your phone/tablet.  Select it so it pairs.

3) to use the Artone and Rondo 2 we need to use the FineTuner to select MT (mix) or T (streamed audio only). If we select T we will not hear anything until we start streaming the audio from our phone/tablet.

4) start playing audio on the phone/tablet.  Make sure the volume is up and that the phone/tablet has selected the Artone for its sound source

If you still experience difficulties, sign up for a free 1:1 tech support zoom session with a Med-El US audiologist here….


Here is also a link to my captioned review of Artone in case it helps


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