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Free way to view text while listening to any audiobook on iPhones even while streaming

Mary Beth

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Here is a new pdf for a free way for people to listen to ANY audiobook on their iPhone and see a display of speech to text even while streaming the book privately to processors/HAs.  I hope it is helpful.



LiveCaptions with audiobooks.pdf

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@Mary Beth Thanks!  By the way, it is also available on Android.  It might be in different places depending your device so best to google the directions. Can also search on the phone's "Settings" for "Live Caption".

I've been using Live Captions some on Android for the last month.  It makes some mistakes but is nice that it can handle any media.  I was using it for podcasts. 


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Thanks Mary Beth and Roy,  Yes I have also been using Live Captions ever since it came out early last year, pretty accurate.

And as you mentioned Totally free ! Works anywhere and everywhere


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Sorry i meant to write Tim`s name and was thinking of Roy whose Connectivity post I just read!

My apologies

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