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Med-El US support

Mary Beth

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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! 💬👂

This year's #BHSM theme is all about "Building a Strong Foundation." For MED-EL, this starts by building a strong foundation of support for our users!  

❤️ 24-hour customer support.
❤️ HearPeers Mentor community.
❤️ Free one-on-one appointments with a hearing professional. 

We also offer free rehab materials that you can use to better train your hearing at home. Use this month to start building that foundation with us: https://fal.cn/3xROn

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Thank you @Mary Beth!

My CI evaluation indicated that I am a CI candidate, so this information will come in handy!

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Wishing you the best @ERW

let us know how we can help 

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Thank you @Mary Beth!  The CI team is super helpful and on top of things. Thankfully my insurance is pretty good about covering asymmetrical CI (so I’m told), and since it is asymmetrical, they recommended Med-El  and another brand.  Med -El is my choice. I have already contacted the local rep. Have to jump through some hoops for insurance purposes and the surgeon is scheduled out until September, I believe, so patience will be key :).

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