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Rehab Resources Discussed in May's Google Meet


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The May 2023 Google Meet that Mary Beth hosted was great.  One of the discussion topics was people's favorite rehab resources. 

I collected the list of rehab resources and then added a little more information.  Here are the resources that people mentioned  that I was able to get listed (sorry if I missed anything.)  Most of these items are discussed in separate threads and warrant their own discussions but I thought it might be nice to see them listed alongside each other.

Services Availability Site Comments
Hearoes iOS & Android https://www.games4hearoes.com/ Free. Wide variety of exercises and frequently updated & enhanced.
WordSuccess iOS & Android https://www.advancedbionics.com/us/en/portals/consumer-portal/resources/apps.html#WordSuccess Made by AB but free to use for all
AngelSounds Windows app angelsound.tigerspeech.com/ Free. Rich but a little dated in programming
Libby iOS, Android, computer browser libbyapp.com/ Free with many public library memberships
Amazon Prime Reading iOS, Android, computer browser www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/hz/bookshelf/prime Available for most Prime subscribers
Live Captioning Built into Android, iOS, Windows?, MacOS?   Decently accurate for audiobooks and podcasts
Using headphones     Tuck Sonnet 2 under/inside headphone for streaming, adjust left/right balance
Using earplug for good ear Helpful for SSD people   Helpful for SSD - Plug good ear, can then walk around and mostly rely on the CI
Using earmuffs Inexpensive construction earmuffs   Helpful for SSD - Covers both ears, can then walk around and mostly rely on the unobstructed Rondo.
Librivox Free audiobooks Librivox.org Free. Public domain books read and recorded by volunteers
Audible Subscription audiobooks ($15/month) www.audible.com/ Huge selection of books
Meludia Subscription, free for Med-El Users in some non-US locations www.meludia.com/en/med-el/ Rich and comprehensive music education system, also useful for CI
BendMyEar Android only sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear/ Some of the AngelSound content, main benefit is it can be used without active internet connection
Telephone with Confidence Provided by Cochlear but available to all www.cochlear.com/us/en/home/ongoing-care-and-support/rehabilitation-resources/resources-for-adults/telephone-with-confidence  
Text to speech services Provided in OS and apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows   Quality and experience varies by platform



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on my iPhone for some reason your document has the comments column cut off- even if I switch to landscape mode.  Maybe also post it as a pic or a downloadable pdf so everyone sees all your info?

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@Mary Beth

Happy to oblige!  Here is the table as a screen capture in case that works better for people.


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I should have added Podcasts, Ted talks, and YouTube too. Could have also provided links to worksheets or exercises but that just didn't seem to fit.

Feel free to respond with things that I missed, comments that you disagree with, or anything else. 

In any case, I hope people find it helpful.


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Wow, thanks ... in anticipation that I'll need these in the not too distant future!

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