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Our HearPeers GoogleMeets have been happening for 3 years already!

Mary Beth

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In May 2020, four HearPeers members held a trial GoogleMeet chat.  Now we have completed three years of GoogleMeets for Med-El CI users, their families and people considering Med-El CIs.

Almost 60 HearPeers members from 13 countries have participated in our GoogleMeets so far.

We usually have first time participants each time.

It’s a wonderful extension of our forum and an excellent way to connect and support other Med-El CI users.

It is the helpful, friendly nature of all the participants that make our GoogleMeets so successful.

Thank you to everyone who joins in.  And congratulations to entering our 4th year!

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Wow that is truly amazing!  It's great to have various avenues for people to give and receive support. I'm proud to be a part of this helpful community.

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I too enjoy the google meets, the knowledge shared is priceless!!!! Thank you marybeth for continuing to share and coordinate!!!!!!

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