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My Rondo 2 experience.


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- Retention of processor: I use the retention provided by MED EL attached to glasses.

The feel is very similar to Rondo. Not having the definitive mapping is likely to improve something.

I don't notice any difference with respect to Rondo. It is possible that the voice and sounds are clearer without cracking, most likely because of the time I had been with it (6 and a half years).

The battery recharges in just 2:30 hours .I charge it every night to prevent it from discharging during the day, and I am away from home.

- I performed a test to see what the full performance would be on a single charge. I began to charge on sunday arround 2:00 am, Using it from sunday arroud 9:30 to monday at 21:40 where Rondo 2 began to notify me about battery is low. Complete tow days of work (normal use and streaming arround 3 hors per day).

I don't find the charger system practical. If you are at home you can place it on a table at night. Surely no one will pass around it, but during the day I feel it is not safe. If you travel you will not be able to charge it unless you have a flat place where the processor is held firmly to the charger so that it does not move, because it does not have any kind of fixation.

The advantage you do have is that you can plug it into a standard cell phone charger, as all or most of them provide 5 volts and 1 or more ampers, enough for the processor charger. Even the famous power bank.

As the areas and countries where we are each one are different, it is necessary to make sure that the voltages are adequate to avoid any damage to the wireless charger. In my case and after making the checks, I know that it is possible.

The control is equal in functionality to the previous one. This one is black, the only difference is that instead of bringing a screw to change the battery, the system is more practical. It does not require a screwdriver. The battery is the same as the previous finetuner (CR-25).


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