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Fine Tuner or Artone Max Help


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I have bilateral cochlear implants.  I am having difficulty with my fine tuner (I think).

My Artone Max is connected to either my phone or tablet correctly. I have paired my Rondo 2 to 2 fine tuners; I know this only because the amber lights flashed at top of fine tuner. 

I am not able to hear anything, absolutely nothing.  I have my fine tuner setting in MT mode. I have no idea what to do next. Please help. 

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As a test use the fine tuner to put your Rondo 2 in telecoil only setting (T).  You will know if it did that because you will not hear anything while in T.  My processor beeps when I use the fine tuner to change from M, MT & T so you may hear that beep as it switches to T.

Then put the Artone around your neck and make sure it is turned on and BT connected to your phone/tablet.  It will blink periodically with a blue light if it is connected and it will show up as connected on your phone/tablet under BT devices.

Select some audio to listen to.  Make sure the volume on your phone/tablet is not too quiet.

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