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Experience discomfort with certain sounds using EAS?


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Hello Everyone!

For those that wear the Sonnet EAS, do you ever experience discomfort with certain sounds? I have both the Rondo and Sonnet EAS, and while I prefer the acoustic sound with the EAS, some sounds seem to produce a cringe feeling in my teeth, like fingernails down a chalkboard or like it’s “rattling” my teeth. I have started using a sensitive toothpaste for this reason. Any suggestions, or did you just get used to it over time?


Not trying to complain…no regrets and so thankful to have the CI!


Thanks for your input 🙂

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Yes, return to your audi. I have to have some high tones lowered, and some removed. They make my eye twitch on the cochlear side and quite painful. Not sure if it is EAS related or sound in general.

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