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New Med-el Sonnet 3 ideas-Longer Battery Life,Direct BT,Better retainers for School Children

Uncle Inno

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I am a Parent of  6 Year CI -Bilatteral to be boy and we are scheduled for surgery,initially we had settled for Cochlear Americas because of their Neat externals but we were  advised by an expert to do Medel because of their Sychrony 2 which has longer-straight electrodes that have deeper penetration into the Cochlear.

My Concern however is the Indirect Bluetooth Connectivity,is there any way the new Sonnet 3 can have direct BT connectivity?

Secondly,most brands have a longer Battery of up to 18HRS ,is there a way Medel can fix this?

Thirdly yet my biggest concern,Cochlear and Advanced Bionics have well designed processors with very Neat retainers for both Paediatric and Adult Recepients that can keep your processor in place without any fear of losing them is Medel doing anything to come up with better retainers most especially for paediatric recepients? The current Medel Hugfit looks so bulky and untidy




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@Uncle Inno

Welcome to HearPeers and wishing your son the very best!

I am a Teacher of the Deaf and I also have bilateral Med-El CIs.

We find that many young children do well with ear molds with large air vents to help secure the behind the ear processors.  They come in many cool colors.  So this may be a comfortable option for your son.

Also this is liked by many active Sonnet 2 users and ships internationally.  It works best for people with detached earlobes.  And it does not add bulk behind the ear.


Just sharing in case this helps.



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@Uncle Inno

It really depends on the shape of the ear- specifically the ear lobe.  There are many very active kids, teens and adults who use this and report that it works great.

Most of our elementary aged students find earmolds with large air vents for comfort work great.

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