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Surfing with what swim cap?


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Hi everyone,

I have been learning how to surf by taking a class through a university nearby. In the second class, I went in the ocean with my nammuu swim hat.

I lost my hat due to the wave and was going to lose my CI had I not grabbed it first. I saw it floating in front of me in the water wear and the hat behind me, while I was still tethered by the 8 ft surfboard that was also dragging me. 

So after some research and ordering lots on Amazon to try on. I found this neoprene beanie with a chinstrap and a separate headband on Amazon to be most suitable, I feel more secure. I put the headband on first, which is attached by Velcro. Then I put on the beanie second, which is also secured by Velcro. 

I have used it only once and the waves were non existent on my last class. But I do feel it is already going to be a better fit for what I’m looking for. I was searching for something that was comfortable and secure enough.  

Another thing to add is that I now use my backup processor (old model) aka SONNET 1. I only wear one instead of both, since I am a bilateral CI recipient. This is to mitigate risk as much as possible. 

I know that the simple solution to all this effort is to obviously not going surfing with my CI. But for the sake of learning and hearing from my surf instructors, I wanted to find an alternative solution. Attached is screenshots of Amazon- what I used.


IMG_1220.thumb.png.8dff3ced3fc7ebbfcf6fa7d49b8e6cd4.png Here is the links for your if interested: https://a.co/d/0JfppYC and https://a.co/d/b9FdIwJ

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Excellent solution @Sahib

For boogie boarding and playing around in the ocean I also tether it to my swim shirt or suit.  But your cap solution seems even more secure.  Enjoy learning to surf!

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@Mary BethHow do you tether it to your swim shirt? This was one of the solutions I was thinking about. But with the water wear cover, I didn't see a way to execute that. 

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I use Rondo in waterwear and use an Rondo eargear cover with a tether an an excellent clip which I attach to me swim shirt.

Rondo in waterwear

inside the eargear Rondo cover with tether & clip

clipped to my swim shirt 

all under a nammucap

I have been spending time in the ocean like this for years.  Swimming, diving, boogie boarding riding waves, snorkeling… works great for me.

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