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Big Al Idaho Gal

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I have had my hearing turned on for 1 year! I use Sonnet 2 in one ear where I lost my hearing from a virus that repeatedly set down on my vestibular nerve.

Both my standard batteries have died just recently. I am curious about what others order. Do you stick with 2 standard sized or do you have a different configuration. I ordered 2 minis by accident but want some advice before I decide to return.


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I use disposable batteries with my Sonnet 2s. The processor uses two at a time and they last 2-3 days depending on how much streaming I do. I use PowerOne Implant Plus. 

I do have rechargeable batteries (standard size) as backup should I ever need them. I received three each with my implant/activation kits and used them before switching to disposables. 

In addition to the standard and mini rechargeable batteries, Med-El also offers the MAX rechargeable battery. It’s longer than the Standard size and lasts all day per feedback from other users who have used and are using it. I haven’t gotten this yet as the size is not compatible with the AudioStream cover so that stopped me from buying any. 

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@Big Al Idaho Gal Sorry, got my writing of a reply interrupted by work meetings and see @Lauren has already answered some of this.

Welcome and congrats on joining the Hearpeers community.  I am in Oregon so by West Coast standards, practically a neighbor if you are in Idaho.

I have a Sonnet 2 and Rondo 3 for single-sided deafness (SSD).

I have two standard sized batteries and a large "Max" battery for my Sonnet 2.  I pretty much only use the standard sized battery since it allows me to use the Audiostream battery cover for better BT connectivity. 

I know some people prefer the Max because it gives them "all day" service without needing to change batteries on their Sonnet 2 but it is too big for the Audiostream battery cover. 

Others,  like @Lauren above, like using the disposable battery which can give more than one day of service and are compatible with the Audiostream. 

Personally, any of those three options seem to make sense to me.  I don't see much use for the mini batteries. 

It might be best to move this discussion thread to the Sonnet 2 area.  @MED-EL Moderator


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@Big Al Idaho Gal

Many insurance policies in the US will cover CI rechargeable batteries every year (2 batteries per ear is very common).  You can check with your Med-El CSR about your specific insurance policy.

Med-El US stopped offering disposable batteries through insurance recently unfortunately.  For many of us who wish to use disposable batteries with Sonnet/Sonnet2, it now requires us to self pay and purchase them independently.

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