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Rondo 2 user guide

Mary Beth

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you

it was nice to see the guide before I get my rondo 2. On October 4th

Cant wait

it will be better than rondo it keep falling off and I have #4 magnet 


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Getting a Rondo 2 is very exciting!  Will you actually receive your Rondo 2 on October 4th?  I didn’t realize they had been released yet in the US. That’s terrific.

Rondo comes now in magnet strength 5 but that is something to discuss with your audiologist as magnet strength and skin flap health are related.


I can’t wait to hear all about your Rondo 2!  Which cover color or design do you like?

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  • HearPeers Heroes

My audiologist told me that they've not yet received updated order forms to include Rondo2.  (This was Tuesday).  She is pretty confident that I will still get PlusRondo though she can't order my processors till after my surgery.  So I'd be really surprised to hear that a US patient received them (but would be very interested to hear what you think if you do!)

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