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All trombone Bohemian Rhapsody

Mary Beth

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Just cruising and found the link to the trombone arrangement of bohemian rhapsody. The low notes work well for me some squelch in the higher notes but still enjoyable. https://www.wqxr.org/story/all-trombone-cover-bohemian-rhapsody-balm-your-weary-soul/https://www.wqxr.org/story/all-trombone-cover-bohemian-rhapsody-balm-your-weary-soul/

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I started playing the trombone, now I'm studying with my teacher. My friend doesn't have any machine at the moment, I wonder if he will feel the vibrations, will he be able to partially perceive the music? I'm thinking about getting one of those. My teacher says it's time to have his own instrument. I thought about buying a quieter, electronic one, but if the normal one allows my friend to feel a little bit of music, the choice is obvious.

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This answer is just from me. The trombone sounds reasonable to me as does a tuba and my didgeridoo so assuming your friend has a CI find a second hand one  what does he experience blowing yours? 


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